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LiveChat Excellence for Lead Generation and Customer Assistance in Healthcare. That’s where WeetyChat can help.

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HIPAA-compliant managed live chat service providing secure and confidential interactions

Maximizing the Potential of Live Chat for Your Healthcare Business

At Weety Chat, we understand that your primary goal is to convert new visitors into appointments or inquiries. To achieve this, you need to differentiate your facility, tell your unique story, and provide compelling reasons for visitors to choose your healthcare organization. Our managed live chat service offers a powerful solution by placing live chat operators on your website, ready to answer visitors’ questions 24/7.

The Importance of Effective Inquiry Handling

The success of your online marketing campaign hinges on how well you handle inquiries that come through your website. Surprisingly, our research reveals that at least 50% of these inquiries are lost at the front desk. Losing just two patients a day due to poor inquiry handling can lead to significant financial losses. For example, if your average patient stay is $15,000 and you lose one patient per day for 250 business days, that translates to nearly $4,000,000 in lost revenues. Weety Chat assigns our best-trained professionals to handle inquiries, equipped with scripts and training to ensure exceptional service.

Delivering Results through Proactive Greetings and Targeted Messaging

Weety Chat focuses on the elements that drive results for your healthcare organization. Our live chat operators create proactive greetings that capture visitors’ attention within seconds, promoting your unique selling proposition. We also tailor targeted greetings to provide your audience with compelling reasons to choose your healthcare services. Furthermore, we develop a knowledge base that educates your website visitors about the specific services your organization offers, enabling our operators to provide valuable information.

Promote Your Objectives and Enhance Revenues

Our mission is to help you achieve your objectives and grow your revenues. Weety Chat’s managed live chat service supports you in attracting new patients, promoting new service lines, building volume for specific types of cases, enhancing your reputation, educating patients, and facilitating appointment scheduling. By effectively engaging with website visitors, we can convert them into valuable patients and drive business growth for your healthcare organization.

HIPAA-Compliant Managed Live Chat Service, Available 24/7

Ensuring the security and compliance of your live chat interactions is paramount when handling health information. Weety Chat understands the importance of HIPAA compliance for covered entities. We carefully select the appropriate live chat platform for your business and provide 24/7 live chat operators who handle your website visitors’ questions with utmost security and confidentiality. Our service maintains the essential features that make live chat valuable for both customers and your organization.

Tailored Live Chat Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Weety Chat proudly offers our 24/7 managed live chat service to a range of healthcare businesses, including drug manufacturers, pharmaceutical firms, medical equipment manufacturers, managed healthcare companies, hospitals, clinics, labs, psychiatric facilities, and nursing homes. Our live chat process covers a wide array of tasks, such as appointment scheduling, billing coordination, care-related inquiries, prescription distribution and refills, student support at university health centers, insurance-related information, post-surgery instructions, converting website visitors into new patients, and managing referrals.

Choose Weety Chat for a Family-Friendly, Award-Winning Experience

When selecting a live chat service provider for your company or practice, it’s essential to consider their commitment to excellence. Weety Chat takes pride in offering a family-friendly environment and has been recognized with prestigious awards. We also provide a state-of-the-art experience, leveraging the latest technologies to deliver seamless live chat interactions.

Measuring Success and Closing Deals

Live chat allows you to measure its effectiveness, and our dedicated live chat accountants are always available to assist you. We provide valuable information that can help you close deals, such as the choice of location, preferences, and budget of potential buyers.


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