WeetyChat's Impact on UK Realtors' Lead Generation and Client Engagement

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making web 2.0 interactive.


Abstract :

This white paper introduces WeetyChat, a global real estate Managed (staffed) LiveChat Provider, and highlights its mission to provide Realtors with a comprehensive 24/7 Staffed Live Chat Solution. With an extensive client base of around 124¬†Estate Agencies worldwide and growing, WeetyChat has garnered industry recognition and achieved remarkable results for its clients. This white paper explores the evolving landscape of real estate marketing, the shift towards consumer-centric approaches, and the crucial role of technology in meeting the expectations of tech-savvy home buyers. By integrating live chat services and embracing a customer-focused, technology-driven business model, real estate companies can enhance customer service, generate higher conversion rates, and bridge the gap between buyers and agents. WeetyChat’s innovative approach empowers Realtors to adapt to the changing industry dynamics and thrive in the Web 2.0 era.


WeetyChat: A Global Real Estate LiveChat Provider

Provider Mission: Providing 24/7 Staffed Live Chat Solution to Realtors

Client Base: Growing to approximately 124 Estate Agencies based in United Kingdom

Recognition: Multiple supplier awards in the property industry

Real Estate Traditional Marketing Mix

  • Controlling the listing market for increased market share
  • The influence of Realtors in the sales process
  • The transformative impact of the Internet on real estate

Evolving Customer Behavior

  • Tech-savvy home buyers and their expectations
  • The need for Realtors to adapt to changing consumer preferences

The Power of Technology in Real Estate

  • Consumer-centric websites and relevant information
  • Engaging buyers through an Omni-Channel platform
  • Earning the business and improving conversion rates

Key Statistics on Live Chat Services

  • 36% Increase in Leads: Outperforming website contact forms and listing portals
  • 49% Average Agent Assignment: Promising leads for agent follow-up
  • 3x Higher Conversion: Live chat leads convert at a significantly higher rate

The Real Estate Customer Service Model

  • Adapting to a customer-driven marketplace
  • Recruiting younger, tech-savvy Realtors to bridge the generation gap
  • Embracing mobility and virtual offices to meet agents’ needs


In today’s fast-paced business world, it’s no secret that traditional companies currently face many challenges in the real estate industry. With changing market conditions, shifting trends, and evolving customer demands, it’s important to recognize the importance of staying ahead of the curve. That’s why it’s crucial for businesses to focus on embracing a customer-focused, technology-driven business model. By understanding the needs and wants of customers in today’s market, it’s possible to create value and drive innovation. The real estate landscape is constantly changing and adapting, and this means that companies need to be more agile and proactive in their approach. While there may be challenges, there are also opportunities for growth and success for those who are willing to put in the effort and adapt to changing market conditions. So, in conclusion, it’s important to take a customer-centric approach and stay ahead of the curve by embracing the latest technologies and trends in the industry.


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