Redefining Customer Engagement in the Leisure Industry

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Our Services

WeetyChat, we're not just a service provider; we're your strategic partner in enhancing customer engagement within the leisure industry

Lead Generation and Up-Selling

Experience unparalleled growth with our live services that are finely tuned for lead generation and up-selling. We connect with potential customers around the clock, converting interest into bookings and upselling plans to maximize revenue potential.

24/7 Customer Support LiveChat

Delight your customers with seamless, real-time assistance through our LiveChat platform. We boost your CSAT scores while building trust and rapport with your clientele. Trusted reviews on platforms like TrustPilot become the norm as we enhance customer interactions.

Strategic Partnership Development

Forge valuable partnerships with industry leaders through our high-volume executive outreach campaigns. We help you establish connections that drive growth and innovation, expanding your horizons within the leisure industry.

WeetyChat Customer Experience

Let's redefine customer engagement together

Knowledge Base and Lead Qualification Process

Our in-house strategies define accurate and relevant frameworks that align with your project goals. With a robust knowledge base and efficient lead qualification process, we ensure that your resources are focused on high-potential leads

Departmental Lead Routing and Inquiry Management

Leads are directed to the right team members, ensuring efficient handling of tier 1 and tier 2 inquiries. We take the initiative to resolve issues, empowering your team to concentrate on strategic tasks

Virtual Key Account Management

Elevate key account management with our top-tier resources. We’re committed to delivering exceptional results that strengthen your relationships and drive loyalty among key accounts

Tailored Outbound and Inbound Campaigns

Our targeted sales development campaigns cater to returning and loyal members. With a mix of ad-hoc efforts and dedicated account managers, we create customized experiences that drive conversions

NPS Improvement and Turnover Balancing

We’re dedicated to achieving NPS scores 20% above target, showcasing our commitment to continuous improvement. Additionally, we help you navigate high employee turnover rates, ensuring consistency in customer interactions

Choose WeetyChat for a Family-Friendly, Award-Winning Experience

When selecting a live chat service provider for your company or practice, it’s essential to consider their commitment to excellence. WeetyChat takes pride in offering a family-friendly environment and has been recognized with prestigious awards. We also provide a state-of-the-art experience, leveraging the latest technologies to deliver seamless live chat interactions.

Measuring Success and Closing Deals

Live chat allows you to measure its effectiveness, and our dedicated live chat accountants are always available to assist you. We provide valuable information that can help you close deals, such as the choice of location, preferences, and budget of potential buyers.


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