What services does WeetyChat provide?

WeetyChat specializes in Managed LiveChat Support for Lead Generation and Customer Support. We also excel in B2B Lead Generation using LinkedIn Sales Navigator

How does WeetyChat pricing work?

Our pricing is based on resources required. Starting at $1,600 USD, you can access an associate Lead Generation Agent, tool setup, and an in-house framework tailored for your needs

Who can benefit from WeetyChat services?

WeetyChat has served diverse marketplaces and small businesses. Our standout feature is our adaptability across sectors and micro-niches, leveraging digital footprints effectively

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - WeetyChat

Weety Chat provides fully-staffed 24/7 live chat services on business websites across all industries. We answer queries and customer service issues from users and pass on qualified leads to our clients. We have recently pivoted as a Customer Acquisition Company.

Every business is unique, and we'd like to speak with you to fully understand your requirements. Our focus is to always deliver an outstanding return on your investment.

We can offer a pay-per-chat model, but the cost depends on various factors. To provide you with an accurate quote, we would need to have a conversation to better understand your needs and tailor the right solution.

Yes, for most businesses, we do ask for a modest, one-time set-up fee. This covers everything needed to get you live and operational.

We believe in the immediate benefits of our service, so we don't lock you into a lengthy contract. We only require 30 days' notice to end the service.

Our company is based in the Canada. Our management and senior supervisors are located in the U.S., while our operators are mainly based in Asia. We are passionate about using perfect language, and all live chats follow carefully structured engagement strategies to ensure the best results.

Before going live, we create a knowledge bank of answers to commonly asked questions and fully train our team on all aspects of your business using your website, the knowledge bank, and briefing documents. Our operators are skilled in finding the correct answer, and if it's not available, they can collect the visitor's contact details and refer any queries back to one of your team members.

We are working with over 1,500 businesses in the U.S, the UK, Singapore, and Canada. and have generated an amazing ROI of thousands of percent. With our extensive experience in the sector, we are confident that we can generate fantastic results for your business too.

We are generating terrific results for our clients, delivering a significant ROI. If you would like to learn more about our success stories, one of our team members would be happy to share evidence with you. With our expertise, we aim to achieve the same fantastic results for your business.

We take care of creating the answers to questions we anticipate visitors will ask us during the chat. We learn about your business from your website, and if there are questions we can't answer, we simply ask. We craft the answers into a knowledge bank and send them to you for your review.

We work with you to mirror the type of questions you would normally ask a new customer to win their business. These key operator questions guide our operators to collect the necessary information to create a qualified lead.

Yes, you can change the chat invitation message for each page if desired. This allows you to tailor the message to the specific service offered on each page.

You can set the interval before the chat window pops up to the desired number of seconds for each page. The default setting is 60 seconds, but it can be changed on a page-by-page basis if necessary.

It's quick and straightforward. We provide you or your website administrator with a short piece of code that needs to be inserted into the pages where you want the chat to appear. Once everything is set up, our operators set themselves to accept chats, and the service automatically goes live.

You can choose from a selection of our eye-catchers that match the colors of your website, or you can create your own. We are also open to creating a bespoke design for you, as long as it's not too complicated.

We have extensive experience in choosing the right colors that match your brand and catch the eye. However, we are more than happy to go with any color of your choice.

The qualifying criteria will be discussed and agreed upon before going live. We incorporate these criteria into the questions we ask your website visitors to ensure we only send you convertible leads.

A qualified lead contains contact details and information from a web visitor who is interested in your service and expects a callback. It typically includes their name, phone number and/or email address, the nature of their inquiry, and any other relevant details that help convert it into a sale.

We have specialist teams serving a variety of large and small clients from all industries, including estate agencies, car dealerships, auto leasing companies, financial services, and many other sectors. We also provide white-labeled service to mature brands

We are a multiple award-winning chat service with a focus on converting web visitors into new business while providing them with a great experience. As our client, we are dedicated to getting you the best results and ensuring the highest quality service.

By engaging with your customers online, you will see a significant improvement in your website conversion rates. We capture important customer details before they go elsewhere, and your visitors will be impressed by the excellent customer service provided.

As visitors navigate through your website, Weety Chat serves up a branded pop-up invitation to a text-based chat. If the chat invite is accepted, a warm and friendly conversation begins. We are there to answer any questions or take their details and pass them on to you as qualified leads.

Weety Chat performs A/B testing on your website to maximize engagement with your visitors. The chat invitation will be relevant to the page on which it appears and tailored to the specific interests of the website visitor.

Online chat can be used to generate leads for any type of business looking to engage more with their website users. We have clients from various industries, including estate agencies, finance, technical services, event entertainers, and children's nurseries.

Yes, we have the capability to provide live chat in multiple languages. We would be happy to discuss your specific requirements.

We are happy to arrange a test chat so you can experience how we work. Additionally, this conversation with me gives you an idea of what we can do for you.

Conversion rates vary depending on your website, but typically Weety Chat engages with around 5% of website visitors and converts 30% or more into strong qualified leads. Your customers will also experience higher satisfaction levels (CSAT scores)

Yes, we can configure your corporate Facebook (Meta) page to display chat just like it does on your website.

Yes, it's possible to include a link in an email that opens up a chat window, allowing the recipient to engage in a conversation.

Yes, of course! You are welcome to visit us anytime for a coffee and a chat.


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